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Unique luxury real estate in the heart of Croatia

Located in the back-country of Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes are one of the most famous national park in the world.

The national park consists of 16 wonderful lakes seperated by natural travertine dams, which has been deposited by the carbonate-encrustation of moss, algae and bacteria. Due to this very rare phenomenon these lakes have a indistinctable colorization and are renowned for their unique colours, ranging from azur to dark green.

The only island at Plitvice Lakes National Park is situated in the park's biggest lake, Lake Kozjak. The island is embedded in an incomparable well-preserved natural environment, inhabited by brown bears, wolves, eagles and wild cats. This amazing territory has also been the set for the movie "Treasure of Silver Lake", a film based on Karl May's adventure-stories with its protagonists Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.

We offer the unique possibility to purchase a part of this amazing landscape, namely this fantastic island, which consists of 1,36 ha (1.5 acres)of land. And in addition, a second estate at the mainland close to the island, including an area of 1.6 ha (1.8 acres).

The asking price is

425,000 €